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Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Home Ideas | 0 comments

Universal Home Designs Are Need Of The Hour Due To Their Particular Advantages

Several people get closer but no cigar at home designing and then chip on their shoulders for the rest of their lives due to design issues. Some of them turn into a charley horse due to foot slipping in the bathroom and then chew the children or elders out for not drying the floor after taking bath or washing it. That is why home designing is a complex and demanding task. One cannot put all his eggs in the same basket, which means a number of architects and interior designers should be consulted before finalizing the design of your house. Otherwise, the design issues may decrease the advantages of building.

But it is no use over split milk—all that you can do to ensure maximum comfort at home is to think about it before starting construction. You should come back to square one many times in order to avoid coming to an ax to grind with your family over design issues in kitchen, bathrooms and other parts of the home after its finishing.

You, surely, should look for the modern trends but still this is a need to make sure that the modifications can be done at little expenditures if the trend changes in future. When the topic comes to trend, the most embraced home designs by the designers as well as the contractors is universal home design at present. The big advantage of it is that demands of all members of the family get fulfilled.

This is another advantage that homes with universal designs of the past are pricing high today as compared to their age-fellow homes with same values but different designs. Of course, it tells that such homes look more appealing to the entire segments of world population—hence are easy to sell—as well as they give more return on real estate investments.

On taking a look at who wants these homes—not only the real estate companies but also the people with the aim of spending the whole life in the same home come into view.

But just the universal home design is worth nothing. In fact the minor issues of kitchen, bathroom and hallway areas demand a lot from you. The best architects declare bathrooms as the most important areas of the home. Why is it so? Of course, the course of life is a race against the clock and all humans are in the same boat. As oldness grows after spending a healthy amateur life, we get weaker and weaker. Many of us get ill and some even have to use wheelchairs. All such issues are to be dealt with the design of home whether you build it for spending your entire life or just to invest your savings. Therefore, the non slip flooring, wheelchair accessibility and open shower areas must be a part of the bathroom so that all people can get maximum benefit from it. Another feature in home design is to build the entire building at a single floor level as some elders cannot climb stairs and their access to the whole home building is restricted by adding of stairs in the home design.

In the end, you should avoid such architects that bite off more than they can chew.