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Posted by on Mar 22, 2011 in Storage | 0 comments

Tree Branch shelves Best Storage Solution

The best book storage solution created by French designer Olivier Dolle have shown that unlicensed there a better way to hold the fruit tree branches of knowledge from the storage shelves? The idea gained highly influenced by the characteristics of the tree. Branch, which enforces the hierarchy, acting as the various levels of shelf ikea bookcase known in general that there is often met in the library genesis. The first, Tree Branch Bookshelf by reaching all corners of the room, so the number of lots of storage to accommodate a lot of books to the store. Much like a shade tree grows extend the arm, he allows the same thing for your growing collection of other books. Shawn Soh Design Artist provide another solution funky, this time in green-coated metal so it looks like the original tree trunk. Inspired by early memory designer to place the letters between the branches of trees, Tree Bookshelf works the same way. The books stand on the branches in accordance with the angle that the branch extension, keeping them organized, but without the stiffness of a conventional shelf. Tree-inspired bookcase is a great storage solution and fun to stay the fans of the book.

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