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Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Bathroom Design | 0 comments

What Matters The Most In Bathroom Planning?

The bathroom is the most important part in every house. Its significance gets clear from the point that when we are stressed, just an imagination of a bath relieves us. As every member in a family uses it, the needs of all members must be kept in bathroom planning on paper. That is why the bathrooms must give us a pleasant experience.

Space arrangement inside the bathroom is a major issue in this regard. In fact the bathroom must not be built into a tight space. Simultaneously, putting too much space also creates an issue. Shower and tub are two important factors. The shower must be installed at such points from where the drops of water cannot fall on the dress or towels put aside when one takes a bath. Similarly, the right place for a tub is mostly the place under the shower but there should also be enough space to put the tub aside when one stands below shower to take a bath. The huge bathrooms with lots of space have separate places for tubs and showers.

The installation of an exhaust fan is a must for the bathrooms. Most people do not take them seriously, but exhaust fans are a very important factor indeed. Actually, when the water heater is used to warm up water in the cold weather and a person takes a bath from it, the steam gathers inside the bathroom. It can cause haze on the surface of glass as well as create trouble for people with issues with breathing. The exhaust fan is the best way to keep the inside of bathroom cool. Case is the same when inside humidity of bathroom increases in summer. In such cases staying inside the bathroom gets difficult due to hot temperature and high humidity levels. Similarly, when somebody uses commode the exhaust fan keeps the inside environment of bathroom cool and several people can use it repeatedly without any delays.

The installation of features should also be according to the available space inside the bathroom. If the bathroom is small, adding more facilities will make it look even tighter. If it is wide, then installing little facilities will make it impractical.

After discussing the space issues in bathroom planning, let us talk about the repair of bathroom objects’ installation. The primary aim when building the bathroom should be to avoid repair for years after construction. The biggest trouble comes when the water mixers installed into the sink and shower stop working. It is mostly due to the use of inferior types of copper in these parts. Besides, the water leakages inside the wall at bends and joints are not only dangerous but they also they destroy the look of the bathroom when are repaired. If your bathroom has a bathtub then make sure there are no faulty seals around it. Normal leakages can be stopped with silicon sealant.

The best way to avoid all of the above troubles is to consult only the right plumbing company and architects for building the best bathroom according to your needs.