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Posted by on Jul 5, 2012 in Fireplaces | 0 comments

Outdoor Safe Fire Camps by Modfire

When the most appropriate time to hold a holiday that is in the 2011 spring equinox arrives! Many people spend time, camps picnics and trips to the wood! Why do you not take fire with you? Fire in a relaxed, entertaining, and just perfect for entertaining in your yard in the cool summer 2011 nights or spring. A furnace fire Modfire is fantastic campfire that looks very stylish with a bonfire that works using the help of propane, it is safe for you as the trees around will never be burned because it reduces the heat radiation levels california from the appliance. You can choose natural or black steel modern color you want, simply pick your liking because there are so many color options that would make a romantic evening with your lover by the fire and enjoy its beauty or with family.

New color coming spring 2011

More information about modfire