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Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Interiors | 0 comments

How To Organize A Pet Friendly Interior?

Pet owners must choose the materials of their home with respect to their pets.

Oops! You took it wrong even at the start. I did not mean the color or design of the interior but my focus was towards the quality of materials. Yeah, you need not be serious if you have parrots or other birds since they will always be in their cages and you will be free to put them in the right place. But if you have a dog or cat, then there is a need to be serious in the choice of materials. This subject even widens up till the sofas and other such accessories—so do not take it lightly. Not only you but also your pets will feel comfortable if you pick the right materials.

Decoration of interior in a pet friendly manner is a good idea. But do not use such kind of wood that can get scratched easily due to softness. But scratches are just a single aspect of the wooden furniture. Since cats and dogs both have nails, they can leave scratches on the surface of wood. The pet owners of cats and dogs both will agree with me that these pets often scratch the goods—when they play. Since you want to continue to own them even after shifting to a new home, the need here is to buy furniture which can be called pet-proof furniture. Yes, you can think about buying furniture made of steel and plastic. Even wooden furniture can be purchased if its polish is good enough to resist against pet related issues.

The sofa is another important item which demands care. If your sofa is entirely made of cloth then make sure that the nails of a cat or dog will not tear it apart—as you cannot prohibit these pets from scratching the cloth. Specially check the backside of sofa regularly since this site mostly remains away from eyes and is made of inferior types of cloth.

A similar sort of attention is required in the subject of the wooden doors. The materials, like wood, of the door must be scratch proof. It must not have points where the pets can put their nails and then leave their marks. Pay particular attention to the paint and polish of the door.

friendly interior is not possible until the baskets are kept away from the reach of pets. Of course you understand what does this mean. Since all the garbage of the room first goes to the basket; it may have a number of interesting items for pets. And if they find it, your efforts to keep the room clean will be doomed. Hence if you have a simple basket then you should place it at distant places. Otherwise, if no such a place is available in your interior then you should go to buy some stylish pet-proof baskets.

After this, buy containers or drawers for keeping the food items, water and books away from pets. If possible then use scratchproof paint on the walls also.

By following these tips, you will never have to face the furniture issues due to pets.