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Posted by on Jun 24, 2011 in Architecture | 0 comments

Exotic Grand Villa L’Imperiale Picasso

Is not an exaggeration to say that the grand Villa L’Imperiale Picasso really satisfy every fantasy of French luxury, and a dream for every family who want a comfortable dwelling.

Built right at the end of 1980 and then renovated, this villa does look magnificent because it has almost three acres outside the existing buildings and one-half the remaining land is made ​​a beautiful garden with views of the countryside as the landscape. Located quite strategically located at five miles north of Cannes.

The villa is also close to the top of the hill, It is special to the gated community which is considered as the most desirable residential areas and prestigious in Mougins. Has seven bedrooms, new kitchen, sports, and guest quarters, the property also has a screening room interesting. Large pool, pool-house, as well as an outdoor dining room.

Recognized by the French owner, who sold due to relocation, with the collection of a Napoleonic museum which is right next to the wine cellar, he made many original and authentic helmet displays such as swords, rifles, and documents as well as many paintings from the Napoleonic era.