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Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Kitchen Design | 0 comments

Consult Architects To Get Your Dream Kitchen Designed

Yeah, I understand all is well that ends well but the Kitchen designing is not a piece of cake. You got confused—yes I know that it is due to fear of the kitchen’s turning into a flash in the pan after completion—as result of your efforts to make it more comfortable. You cannot toss-up ideas on your own in this part of the house even if you deeply understand the needs of your family.

I suggest you to consult architects since they are the people with wide knowledge about the kitchen designing issues. Go to architects with bigger clientele since their experience in solving the topic-related issues of a number of customers’ guarantees that you will be saved from under the weather. Yes, they are the right choice if you want to avoid quarrels with family later.

Actually, a picture paints a thousand words—but you cannot completely rely on the information shared in blogs about kitchen designing issues and ideas. What you need to do is to get guidelines from such blogs and their pictures in order to carve up the picture of your dream kitchen before consulting the architect. The picture in your mind, if gets drawn on a paper, helps in communication with your architect.

Kitchen design specialists have made different terms to summarize the kitchen designing concepts. One of the most important terms in this regard is the ‘work triangle’. You got confused again—now there is no need to be. This is not anything confusing at all. In order to understand the importance of this term, just imagine how much trouble you may face if the refrigerator, sink and stove are put in three different corners of your home. Yeah, you got it right now. The term ‘work triangle’ mentions the distance between these three important objects of every kitchen. The ‘work triangle’ becomes ‘inefficient’ if the distance between these three objects increases.

Mostly when working, the people to work into kitchen have to mostly move between stove and refrigerator. But once the pots get dirty after use, they are to be washed due to which they should be placed almost at a relative distance from the refrigerator and stove. It is better if the distance between stove and sink is kept shorter than the distance between refrigerator and sink.

The sink is a very important object in kitchen plans. The stands of dinner set items must be adjacent to sink. Similarly, the dustbin should also be very close to it so that the plates, jugs, cups, etc can easily be cleaned when they have come with some remaining food—it increases work speed. That is why the best place—regardless that whether your kitchen floor is square, circle or rectangle shaped—sink should be close to the farthest or the closest corner from the main entrance door.

The headache will come in daily use of kitchen after its completion if you sort out a solution from these tips on your own. That is why I said only architects can understand and interpret the kitchen demands of you and then interpret them according to the latest practices in the kitchen designing ideas.