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Posted by on Apr 25, 2011 in Architecture | 1 comment

Concepts of Modern Design Architecture buildings Pharmacy by KLab Architecture

Concept design building construction for the Pharmacy was established in an area of ​​600m2 in the City of Athens, Greece. octagonal-shaped cylinder in a spiral-like shape that is consistent with the density Vouliagmenis Avenue, urban arteries where the building stood. The panel is made of the façade, pierced using Braille which informs the system that is used in pharmaceutical packaging and allows light to penetrate the interior. Consisting of two floors The first floor is a the store room which consists of additional office space is used as a temporary operation to visit a united healthcare oxford professional. Pharmacy is in a radial pattern with the main counter acts as a central point and the cashier gives you the ability to look around the whole area of ​​the table. The pharmacy drug preparation area and toilet are also located from the radial pattern. Therefore, this pattern gives the flow of space and allows the light to the center of the plan throughout the day.

via momoy

Photos by KLab Architecture