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Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Home Ideas | 0 comments

A Critical Fault That Can Destroy The Impact Of Even The Best Home Designs

First, not caring for home designs from the aspect of kid and then hoping that the home will prove to be a blessing in disguise for your children is like you are off on the wrong foot. The needs of kids are far more important than the needs of elders. Of course, they are the future of you—and not caring for them when home planning means you are taking eyes away from responsibilities. I am sure that you are angry at me for taking so rudely about a topic which does not look so serious in normal routine.

Generally, the parents are on pins and needles when their kids are away from their eyes. Especially, when the kids are just infants, they want to keep them watching at all times. But, let’s suppose that you are sitting in the middle of a meeting as some old friend has come to meet you—and your infant is also with you. The friend has come to share the memories of the golden period of life and as a mother you are not able to pay her time just because your infant is weeping badly after waking up due to the noise. Even if the kid is sleeping, you will not be able to talk freely, smile or laugh in loud voice—as you did it in the young age.

Now you may be thinking how does it relate to the home planning? Surely, I do not want to argue that we must not have kids. Basically, it signifies the importance of the needs of kids in home plans. In the routine, the house planning is like an easy task—as the general approach of house owners is to consult the architects in order to get their homes designed. Architect, surely, in reply will ask you about your needs, budget and life standard—then take his money to design the home—and it will be over. But believe me that it will be a very big mistake for you to look at this issue so careless. You are doomed to get off on the wrong foot in this way.

The issues of the parties and guests are both important and correlated to the issues of infants—let me include that issue of toddlers are different in this regard and they will be discussed at some other time. What matters here is that in normal routine, parents can keep their kids with them at all times. But when the parties happen or somebody comes to meet you that is not too frank—the problem starts then.

To handle the issues properly at such moment, the kids should be kept in a separate room but the room must not be too far from the main seating arrangement. In fact, it should be far enough that their giggles cannot be listened and close enough that their weeping voices may come to your ear. Some architects suggest making infants’ rooms adjacent to the main seating area and building their doors with glass so that you can peep through at all times on your kid but their loud voices cannot come out. The other needs of life are an important part but not critical—so every architect understands them properly—so I am not discussing them.